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Press Release: OPPO Opens First Concept Store in the Philippines

SM City Southmall; Aug, 23 2014 – Philippine OPPO Mobile Technology Inc., a globally registered  technology brand opens their first concept store in the country. The international tech brand officially entered the Philippine market last February 2014, with the goal of bring the market a different kind of mobile experience, using unique selfie cameras, innovative system cleaning, downloading stations, and quality customer service.

“We are extremely excited to launch the first OPPO concept store in the Philippine. OPPO prides itself in delivering world-class innovations that cater to consumers with different requirements when it comes to their mobile needs. We utilize top of the line technologies to bring different smartphone revolutions that raise the bar in mobile devices. Thus, we are happy to introduce our latest innovative products and accessories, to the Philippines,” said CEO Mr. James Ma of Philippines OPPO Mobile Technology, Inc.

The OPPO Fone Gallery is located at the 3rd Level, Cyberzone of SM City Southmall.  It is owned and operated by Comworks, one of the biggest telecoms store in the Philippines. The store will carry the full range of OPPO products, from entry level to the highest tier smartphones and accessories.

The store festivities kicked off last Aug 23, 2014 at 5:00 p.m., with an opening dance number from Autonomicass, followed by the welcoming remarks from OPPO Manila Sales Director, Nolan Ge. “It’s with big pleasure that I share this historic event with you”, says Ge as he expresses gratitude towards the guests for sharing this milestone for the company.

The visitors were assured the opportunity to experience OPPO, as there were working units available at the store. OPPO has also invited some tech bloggers to shed light to what the brand’s products are capable of. To top it all off, OPPO hosted a raffle draw and a selfie contest, to give Ofans a chance to come home with a little something extra.

Additionally, OPPO is planning to open up concept stores in several different locations such as SM Fairview, SM Lipa, and G Mall Davao.


About OPPO

OPPO is an international mobile phone brand committed to designing beautiful technology products with an open attitude. Seeking to fuse technology and affection in all products, OPPO has been restless in the pursuit of innovation, the highest hardware quality standards and to delivering the element of positive surprise. For more information, please visit

Simple Skin Care for the WAHM

As a work-at-home mom, I wear so many hats everyday. My husband does the cooking for us, thank God but that doesn’t excuse me from all the tasks needed so my kids and I will survive every single day.


My day usually starts at 8am and I have to drag them to the bathroom so they’re already clean before breakfast. School starts at 9am so everything has to be ready before I put on my teacher hat, yes I homeschool them. During this time, though it is not ideal, I try to answer emails and inquiries posted in our fan page. Then around 1130am, my eldest is ready for lunch. Breaktime is until 2pm but I use that 2-hour break to prepare for our next series of activities. After school around 330pm, I sleep to gain energy for my late night work. Busy is an understatement!

So when do I sit and carefully pamper my skin? NADA.

I salute busy moms who are still capable of pampering their skins, really. How do you find the time to do it? Taking a quick bath alone in the morning is impossible for me! After a minute or so my kids will most likely knock on the bathroom door and ask what’s taking me so long. Given this, how do you expect me to lather the best liquid soap, moisturize and put sunblock after? More so, do you think I have the luxury to go to the mall and shop for beauty products? Wishful thinking! This is why I am super thankful for online shopping, I can now shop for skincare products at Zalora, pay and wait for it on my doorstep! All I need now is the time to pamper myself.

So when? I mean, is it possible? I found a good way, so YES!

Skin care for WAHMS

I do the pampering at dawn, just after my work or during my work if my schedule is not that loaded. I take a bath before my shift and while logging in, I tone, moisturize and put sunblock (yes, our skin needs it! The radiation from the computer skin is enough to damage our skin). I put lotion just before bed time. So what are the products that I personally use? I am a solid fan of Lancome! It’s light on the skin yet I know that it’s very effective. I’ve been using it for months and my skin has shown great improvement. For my BB cream, I use the locally made Sutla BB cream from Glowcal.Lancome for moms


So don’t fret mommies, there are ways and time to prettify ourselves!

Press Release: KakaoTalk now available on Mac, launches Search Chat feature

KakaoTalk, one of the leading mobile messengers in the world, has announced exciting product updates for its subscribers across the globe! KakaoTalk is now available for Mac users worldwide and is now offering “Search Chat” – a brand new feature that will be available on the desktop client, KakaoTalk Windows.

Kakaotalk on Mac

KakaoTalk for Mac

For the first time, KakaoTalk’s desktop chat is now available to all Mac users. The beta version of KakaoTalk for Mac is available in English and Korean, with all the basic messaging features that KaTalkers love and rely on: full sync between mobile & Mac, friends list, chat rooms, emoticons, ability to receive files in any format (Word, Excel, photos, videos, etc.) and more. More features and updates (including search and the ability to send files) will be coming soon to Mac.

Search Chat

With “Search chat,” KakaoTalk users on Windows PC can quickly search any conversation by keyword and find all relevant messages sent/received within the chatroom in reverse chronological order. Instead of having to scroll back through past conversations, the new “Search chat” feature brings KaTalkers right to the conversation that they are looking for. All search is based on the data cached on the client, and makes “Search chat” instant and secure.

Search is available immediately for anyone who uses KakaoTalk for Windows PC — which is free and available for everyone in the world in English, Korean and Japanese. The “Search chat” feature will also be available on KakaoTalk mobile apps later this year.

kakaotalk for macKakaoTalk’s desktop apps also enable users to share a variety of Mac and PC-compatible files, including images, video, audio, documents, and compressed files of 57 different file formats. Users can send and receive files on KakaoTalk for Windows, and can receive files on KakaoTalk for Mac (sending capabilities coming soon).

KakaoTalk for Mac can be found in the Mac App Store, and both services can be found here:

Herbalife’s Top Ten Tips for Healthy Holidays

I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews on Herbalife and I have decided to try it next month (yes, when the whole holiday’s over!)

Samantha Clayton 2

Herbalife’s Top Ten Tips for Healthy Holidays

According to Samantha Clayton, Herbalife’s director of worldwide fitness and education, it’s all about minimizing impact. “No matter where you are on your personal wellness journey, think twice before over-indulging during the next few weeks. My advice is to, at the very least, try to break even and maintain your weight this holiday season. It’s amazing how easy it is to gain weight in such a short amount of time, and although weight gain is an easy as eating a few too many pieces of pie, taking off those pounds come January is a much harder tasks.”

To keep those calories from creeping on this holiday season, Herbalife is sharping these top 10 tips:

            Tip 1 – No savings:

Don’t cut down or starve all day to enjoy the party at night. Skipping your breakfast and lunch is a not a good way to avoid weight gain. There are many reasons why this is a good tactic; a drop in sugar level, lack of energy and lack of concentration are just a few of the down galls of the “starve and binge” technique. Chances are, if you wait all day to enjoy the party food, you will consume twice the amount because you will be so hungry.

            Tip 2 – Snacks:

Have a healthy protein rich snack before you head out to a holiday party. Filling yourself up on healthy snacks that contain protein will keep you full and stop you from having that extra cup cake.

            Tip 3 – Move around:

Use holiday parties as an opportunity to socialize with your friends. Keep walking around and don’t park yourself next to chips and dips. Walking counts as exercise so the more you move the better.

            Tip 4 – Dance:

Let loose and dance off the party calories; the extra bonus is that the more time you spend dancing the less time you will spend eating.

            Tip 5 – Routing:

Don’t skip your work-outs. The best thing you can do is keep your exercise routine intact. We all know holiday diets can go awry, but if you can at least keep your workouts going it will help.

            Tip 6 – Watch your drinks:

Try to avoid drinking too many sweet drinks. It’s amazing how many calories can be hiding in a simple holiday punch. Stay hydrated with water helps.

            Tip 7 – Maximize your time with quick fix workouts:

If time is tight try to do a quick 10-minute routine in the morning and another 10 minutes before you go to bed. Simple exercises performed in an interval style will help burn some calories and keep you toed over the holidays.

            Tip 8 – Step away from the computer:

Sitting in front of your computer screen looking for that bargain may cost you in the long run. Stay active this holiday season by walking around the shops and carrying bags or boxes doubles up as a workout.

            Tip 9 – Make every minute count:

Think active all holiday season. Take the stairs. Park in the furthest spot from the store. Get outside and go for a walk. The more active you are the fewer points you will gain.

            Tip 10 – Routine:

Don’t wait until January 1st to start you exercise plan, start today. The sooner you get your body into a positive active and healthy routine the better chance you have of reaching your personal health goals.


About Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) is a global nutrition company that sells weight-management, nutrition and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in more than 98 countries to and through a network of independent distributors. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation and its Casa Herbalife program to help bring good nutrition to children. Herbalife’s website contains information about Herbalife, including financial and other information at

Go Beach Hopping the Fashionable Way with Caribbean Footwear!

After being disappointed with my favorite Brazilian flip flop brand, I knew that I needed something new, something cheaper and something reliable. You see I spent about PHP1495 for every limited edition pair of that Brazilian flip flops but guess what? Not one of the 3 pairs I bought lasted for more than a year! Isn’t that sad? Not to mention outrageously expensive.

So when the invite from Caribbean Footwear came, I immediately said YES! They provided a catalogue beforehand and I noticed how classy they were so my next question was, “are they that expensive?”. That question and a whole lot more were answered during the launch of the Carribean Footwear Urban Safari collection.

Caribbean’s Urban Safari Collection

Carribean Footwear

We all know that bold prints are so in nowadays, especially this summer. So why not hit the beach with flip flops that will go with any cool and chic summer outfit? There are just too many designs to choose from the Caribbean’s Urban Safari collection!

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Buy and LOVE Caribbean Flip Flops

Carribean Footwear 2


  1. Caribbean footwear is proudly PINOY made. Now THIS is something to be proud of. I hope that we can come up with more Philippine made products like Caribbean Footwear.
  2. Caribbean footwear is VERY durable. I used mine during our recent trip to Baguio, walked from one tourist spot to another and you know that one do not just walk in Baguio, one hikes. My Caribbean flip flops are still alive, yay!
  3. Caribbean footwear is comfortable. From all that walking, I didn’t feel ANY leg pain whatsoever and yes, NO BLISTERS! Amazing :)
  4. Yes, they are FASHIONABLE. It’s not your usual flip flops, the designs were made to match any outfit. You can wear flip flops without looking drab. *wink*
  5. Talk about Art and Science: The strap, the toe fashion structure, the mid-foot curve and the sole provide our footsies ultimate foot protection.
  6. It has Anti-Slip Technology, something that most flip flop brands don’t have. Thumbs up!
  7. Once you go Caribbean, you’ll be never satisfied with any other flip flop brand. Trust me, it’s true.
  8. And finally, Caribbean Footwear is VERY INEXPENSIVE. Yes! Yes! Yes! Prices go from PHP159 – PHP299 ONLY.

More and more flip flop users are now switching to Caribbean, and with the reasons given above I bet you should do the switch too!

883458_10151613205399276_867795213_o (1)


Follow and Like Caribbean Footwear:

Facebook: Caribbean Footwear
Instagram: caribbeanph
Twitter: caribbeanph

Live Your Style with adidas NEO

When I became a mom, the change was just so drastic that I lost my real self during the transition.

Fast forward 2013, I am now a mom to two wonderful little girls who are always dressed up in style.  I realized though that I am thinking of how they should look more often than I think about how I look. Since I am a work at home mom, I can survive a whole month without dressing up in style — something that I didn’t allow to happen when I was still single. Right now, I am always in pajamas and loose shirts when at home and shirts and shorts when I go out.


So when Nuffnang PH and Adidas asked me this question:

How do you express your personality through your style?

I realized that “Hey! I can be still be stylish and comfy at the same time!

Here are some of the set of clothes that I plan to wear from now on:



As a short-shorts type of person, I tend to go overboard with simplicity to the point that I can exist with wearing only this and loose shirts. But I can add some ooomph to my daily outfit, right? With my tattered short-shorts, colorful tank tops and Adidas NEO, I know that I’d always be in style.

Mom BloggerIsn’t this ensemble fab? I can go color-crazy with Adidas NEO without looking tacky! I’d look perfect if I wear this with a neutral colored satchel, right? This is also the perfect match when I am with the kids — no frills. Just so perfect!

You see, with Adidas NEO, I can perk up my outfit without compromising comfort! Who says you can no longer be fashionable when you reach mommyhood?

Embrace fun, spontaneity and the unexpected twists in fashion when the adidas NEO Label Spring 2013 collection hits stores in January to March.

Living a carefree journey that lets teens make their own style, NEO will capture attention with unique and innovative fashion and design twists on Spring merchandise. Products have multiple purposes or added value.

NEO will release a fresh product offering each month, spotlighting a fashion trend interpreted in a different way. In March patterns are the highlight, featuring vibrant waves of colour, with subtle patterns that appear to be one thing but on close inspection reveal another. These will include camouflage prints and edgy takes on adidas NEO slogans with a focus on windbreakers and shirts. Sporty, street and lifestyle footwear silhouettes with strong colour and graphic links create the look.

NEO footwear is available in SM and select Robinson’s Department Stores nationwide.

Adidas Neo

CLium for the On-the-Go!

I’ve been a Clium for almost a year now. Check out my Clium journey here, here, here and here.

I love CLium much as I love travelling but if there’s one thing about those two that I hate, it’s the hassle of bringing a mug and hot water whenever I travel just so I could take in my usual dose of CLium (which is, by the way, two packets each day). Clium fiber packs and travelling just don’t jive together.

So having CLium fiber in capsules in my bag just saves my day:

clium fibre capsules

Here are some facts about fiber that you might want to know:

Soluble and Insoluble Fiber.Both are actually good for the body but each has a unique function providing different sets of health benefits. Insoluble fiber stimulates bowel movement in the digestive track by boosting your stool bulk while Soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance when mixed with water.

Insoluble fiber:

  • wheat-based food
  • nuts
  • bran seeds
  • skin of some fruits and vegetables

Soluble fiber:

  • oats
  • soybeans
  • peas
  • bananas
  • apples
  • certain vegetables
  • psyllium in CLium fiber

FACTS: A tablespoon (5-grams) of Clium fiber packs up to 14x more oatmeal or cereal. It swells 50x its size when mixed with liquid like water and juice among others. It is also gluten-free and contains zero additives and preservatives. And because CLium fiber is 100% plant material-based, it doesn’t have any serious side effects to the body.

Fiber Activity. Fiber keeps blood sugar levels under control and lowers risks of coronary heart diseases. It is also a natural fat absorber that aids in weight management. Soluble fiber like Clium causes a feeling of fullness thus reducing hunger pangs and food intake.

Fiber-rich Diet. If you think you’re not taking enough fiber, you can always augment your daily fiber needs with supplements like CLium. The Philippine Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute recommends the intake of 20-25 grams of fiber each day, while the American Diatetic Association recommends around 20-35 grams for healthy adults.

Must Do: Take a tablespoon ( 1 packet) or 5 capsules of Clium fiber twice a day to help promote regular digestive activity, maintain good cholesterol and regulate the body’s blood sugar.

Protect Your Family With Food Insurance

Many people have faced the uncertainty of how to cope with high unemployment, rising food costs and a devastated real estate market; however, there are some steps one can take to help provide a measure of protection for their families. Regardless of your current financial situation, circumstances can change in a hurry. In fact, whether it is a complete economic depression of the US economy, a natural disaster or simply the typical rise in food costs due to inflation, it is important to consider the advantages of preparing an emergency food supply.

The simple process of food storage can be an excellent hedge against the rising cost of feeding your family, but storing food goes beyond just saving money. Experts have long advised that everyone should have a minimum of three days worth of food and water stored in preparation for unforeseen emergencies. However, even without the possible threat of a natural or man-made disaster, a well-stocked food storage pantry can provide nutritious and delicious meals without the need to run to the store for necessary ingredients. This not only saves on the price of gas, but it saves time and trouble as well.

Today, emergency food preparations can be as simple as picking up a few extra items when you are at the store; however, it can also involve making larger purchases of food items designed with a shelf-life of 30 years or more. Depending on your particular circumstances and preparedness goals, it is possible to find just about anything imaginable to stock your emergency food pantry.

Choosing the right food storage items is an important part of protecting your family. Whether you simply want to save money on your monthly food budget or you are looking to provide long-term protection in the event of an emergency, having a well-stocked pantry of shelf-stable products can make a huge difference. Of course, in planning your food needs be sure to take into consideration the items your family already enjoys. It is possible to make just about anything from your food supplies if you plan ahead.

One way to ensure that you are able to get the most out of your food storage is to use the products on a regular basis. When you take food out of your storage, you become familiar with the items you have on hand, your family will be accustomed to eating these products and you will ensure your products are rotated on a regular basis. Enjoy the foods you have stored and keep replenishing and you can take comfort in knowing that your family is prepared for any type of emergency.

Stay Fit With Protein-rich Dishes Stored Food

Just because you are trying to change up your diet to include more freeze dried foods does not mean you have to compromise on the nutritional content of your meals. Getting enough protein is crucial to maintaining your strength, endurance, and muscle mass. People who do not get enough protein will be lethargic and tired throughout their day. While animal products are a traditional source of protein, they are not the only source.

Nuttin’ To It

One of the easiest foods to freeze dry is nuts because they have so little moisture in them already. Nuts are a good source of protein in addition to good fatty acids and fiber. Some nuts like peanuts are higher in fat than they are in protein, but nuts such as

macadamia nuts
• Brazil nuts

all have much more protein per calorie than peanuts.

Substitute When Necessary

Though the taste of tofu cannot always replicate the tasty of juicy meat, it contains excellent quantities of protein while loading up your diet with a bare minimum of fat. Tofu contains no cholesterol and a very low calorie rate in comparison to meat. Since tofu has a high percentage of water anyway, you can fit a large quantity of it into a small space once it has been freeze dried. You can click for great freeze dried foods here for other storage options.

Dairy Dairy Quite Contrary

Milk produced by cows or goats offers concentrated protein that has low fat and cholesterol. You do not need to freeze dry milk, since it is sold in powder form at any grocery. Powdered milk can be added to water for drinking or can be used as a substitute in baking and cooking. While store-bought cheeses and yogurts will only last a few days, freeze-dried dairy products can last years on your shelf without spoiling or developing harmful bacteria.

It’s What’s for Dinner

Not all meats have to be freeze dried in order to be stored. Heat-dried meats like jerky and biltong will store for months on end because there is no moisture that allows for spoiling bacteria to grow. Salting is an excellent method too preserving meat to keep it from going bad, though it requires diners to drink more water so it can be digested. Smoked fish can also last for months and you can purchase smoked salmon in nearly any grocery store around. Canned fish like tuna provide quality protein with a minimum of fat.

Oh Hello, Windows 8!

A few months back, my laptop just died down on me. I was desperate to buy another one because working on the PC just didn’t seem right. Well, my PC is more powerful but I just love the mobility of laptops. I love the fact that it lets me work anywhere. So due to the fact that I needed to work and I couldn’t afford a new laptop just now (it’s out of the budget). I settled for a netbook because it’s all that I can afford.

It has been just so frustrating because having worked in powerful speed up pc and laptops, I am used to multi-task, something the netbook just couldn’t do. So what I did was, bring it to the attention of my trusted IT, my uncle! He then installed Windows 8 on it and it was love at first time!

Windows 8 lets me browse through various websites with ease and speed. Though I know that it is still not as powerful as my lappy and PC, at least it loads fast now.

Thank you, Windows 8!


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