I have been asked by my good friend Jho of Isshin Publishing to attend a charity event for KCat Yarza or Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza, a blogger, artist and a writer. KCat is so many things and she calls herself “an able disable”.

Kcat has Nuerofibromatosis Type2 (NF2), an inherited disease, which until now is left uncured for there is no therapy for the underlying disorder of cell function caused by the genetic mutation. Despite this, KCat is more than willing to help the best way that she can.

KCat Yarza

The event was held in Malen’s Restaurant in Noveleta, Cavite and each ticket (P400) gets you a book from Isshin Publishing and dinner :) Not bad, right? We were able to help both KCat, the kids and Isshin Publishing.

I was amazed with Jho for having such a heart to help people like KCat despite her, as she has said, “lack of finances” but I was more amazed with KCat’s optimism.

May is KCat’s birthmonth and her annual wish is to bring happiness to the kids in the PGH.

Want to be of help? See the details below:

MAY Birthday Project
Annual gift-giving at PGH
We will be holding it on May 12 – Saturday, a day before my actual birthday at Philippine General Hospital and make the sick patients of Pedia Wards (there are 2), Neurosurgery Wards(w/ spine) and Pedia ICU – all these are charity wards. And hopefully, we can also make the children of Pedia Cancer ward smile this year.

I need your help once again by give me a birthday gift/s from my wishlist:
Diapers (for kids and adults)

and other toiletries & necessities that you can think of

Toys (preferably new)

Monetary donations are very much welcome since we’ll be buying foods and other goodies to make this event extra fun!

Having been confined in the hospital a number of times, I know that these toiletries are really of use to these patients. So that Instead of using whatever money they have come up with to buy those things, we’re are going to gift it to them instead; with foods of course! And because it’s boring to just stay in the hospital bed, we’re gonna give the kids something to play with.

MAY Birthday Project has been going on for 6 years now and I’m really happy to know, feel & see that we have given them care, happiness, strength, hope & also inspiration. It’s an achievement indeed!

Please help me make this event a success once again by sharing and donating. If you wish to be part of MAY Birthday Project this 2012, please get in touch with my mom, Madge Yarza, at 09272459400 for donations and queries. Deadline of donations will be on May 4 (Friday), since we will have to repack and prepare everything before the event.

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